Your address and mail in Switzerland.

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Coronaviruses do not infect postal mail.

address in switzerland

Swiss address and maildrop box for non residents, expats and businesses

Get ONLY an address in Switzerland (low cost solution)

Swiss mail forwarding

Swiss mail drop box

Swiss document scanning services

Swiss mail redirection

Get mail to your new address

All stamp fees included in our plans

Extra added value mail dropbox services

Affordable Swiss virtual office

Swiss anonymous address without any mention of the name of the customer and mail forwarding

Client 100% anonymous and swiss mail redirection


Swiss secure mail forwarding and scan services

Get ONLY a secure cloud account hosted in Switzerland

Mass mailing with the logo or brand printed on Swiss stamps for worldwide customers

other services included swiss fax email cloud
usefull search tool swiss mail
accepted payments



Mail holding & handling

Various Premium swiss address mail drop box and forwarding services.



PDF scanned/digitized copy sent to customer’s email protected with 256 bits encryption + password access. Confidentiality and privacy are the priority.



Get only an address in Switzerland, no other mail services. Low cost.



Anonymous address included in all plans as second address.



Remotely send letters at distance from Switzerland to anywhere in the world with a swiss stamp.


Original storage

Retention and archiving in our Geneva-based office.

We appreciate demanding people




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Get A Personal Mailing Address in Switzerland

MySwissMailAddress is a Swiss mail service providing customers also with anonymous Switzerland addresses and mail forwarding, mass mailing, and secure scan services at affordable prices. A Swiss address provided by us can be very beneficial for non-residents, businesses, and expats. We guarantee reliability, confidentiality, and punctuality.

Types of Our Swiss Mail Services

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following mailing plans:

  • The ‘Only a Swiss Address’ plans are a good low-cost option for the customers, who do not expect many letters or simply want to keep their real address unrevealed.
  • The Swiss Mailbox & Address options allow to not only have an address in Switzerland, but also a personal mail drop box for receiving letters that will be forwarded to the postal address you provide. You can also immediately receive a secured copy with a password by email.
  • The Swiss Address & Mail Forwarding plans are beneficial in case you want original letters to be redirected to you without being previously opened. Thess plans are great for businesses as we can re-mail your letters to your clients or business partners. Moreover, we can add your or your company’s name to the address, put a logo on a Swiss stamp, and mention your address on business cards, brochures, or other promotional materials. Within these plans, you can choose to have either a P.O box or a street address in Geneva.
  • The ‘Swiss Address with Scan/Digitization & Mail Forwarding’ plans offer a full range of our Swiss mail services. All your mail will be scanned and protected with a password and encryption, and then the mail will be forwarded to you. We provide archiving and retention of the original mail. Destruction is carried out upon our client’s request and according to their instructions provided.

Convenient Mail Forwarding from Switzerland

For mass mailing, we provide Swiss stamps with your logo or brand name printed on it. We can customize information on the envelopes according to your needs. All stamps fees are included in the plans. We never mention our name, e-mail, logo, or website on your letters. All the contents are sent either to you or your clients just the way you want it.

MySwissMailAddress offers convenient payment options. We support bank wire SWIFT/SEPA, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin. All orders are processed upon receipt of payment.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the form we have provided. We will gladly answer 7/7 days all your questions.

Send letters from Switzerland remotely to any place in the world.