Corporate office address based in Geneva Switzerland: Affordable and Convenient

Get your official corporate office address or corporate office headquarter to be registered with the Registry of Companies in Switzerland


Available for Swiss SARL/GmbH (equivalent of LLC, LLP), SA/AG (equivalent of PLC, LTD) corporate status and association (sole proprietor not allowed).

Whether you need to set up a new Swiss company or want to change your current official company’s registered corporate office address in relation with the Swiss Registry of Companies:

  • Located 10 minutes from downtown
  • no ‘c/o’ mention
  • Address provision only (no office space sharing)
  • The name of the company written on the mailbox
  • Valid for 12 months and renewable
  • Establishment of the certificate of domiciliation (Swiss notary, Registry of Companies)
  • Mail processing including up to 8 mails/month (or 96 mails per year) with secure scan service (If you expect the monthly volume to be higher, please contact us here)

Price: 699 CHF (58,25 CHF/month)

Important: as you can’t order this service online, please first fill in the form below.

Additional services for corporate office address (not included in the price)

  • Provision of a local professional Swiss resident manager (LLC/LLP) or company director (LTD/PLC) if the shareholder(s) is not a Swiss resident
  • Business accounting managed by a professional
  • Tax advisor
  • VOIP corporate office phone number with the Geneva area code (+41 22), including automatic call transfer to another Nr anywhere in the world
  • Excellent major webhosting provider in Geneva

Useful links:

Swiss Central Business Name (EN)

Federal Registery Company Office (DE – FR – IT)

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