Secure mail scanning service

Swiss address with digital secure mail scanning and forwarding service | Premium services

Business mail scanning service, you want for sure more than a basic mail drop box.

View your postal mail online. Our postal mail scanning service solutions are services that scan and digitize physical mail that are delivered to our address in Switzerland. MySwissMailAddress receives the mail, opens them, scans its content, and then uploads the PDF documents to our own cloud secure online portal for you to view.

This mail scanning service is especially useful for individuals or businesses that want any kind of relationship in Switzerland, travel frequently or have multiple locations, as it allows them to access their mail from anywhere in the world.

It also provides a level of security, as important documents can be securely stored online rather than in a physical location that could be subject to theft or damage with our mail scanning service.


Our ipostal digital mailbox

Safety: your secure scanned mails are hosted in Switzerland in our cloud with double locking access.

Time saving: integrated search engine developed by us to find instantly the digitalized mail(s) you are looking for.

My Secure Digital Mailbox

Maximum shield
Safe and innovative virtual best mail scanning service in Switzerland. All scanned copies are permanently AES256 encrypted. Decryption using a password.

It takes at least millions of years to crack the encryption. The AES256 encryption key is regularly modified.

Integrated search engine included with our mail scanning service

All secure PDF copies are OCR full text recognition functionality in permanent encryption-protected environment for keyword searches. A unique advanced technology feature to save you time with our mail scanning service. Find in one click the one(s) you are looking for among all the encrypted mails stored with us those that interest you to download, save, print or view. Big time saver and comfort in use with our mail scanning solutions.

Services included:

– Extra mail forwarding service. All stamp fees included if mail redirection request, up to max. 100gr per mail (originals of contract, notarized or legalized documents, legal documents, etc.).

– Available for individuals and businesses, all countries.

– Address with ‘your name’ or ‘your company’.

– Mention the address on business cards, brochures, signs or promotional material, email, etc.

– Receive mail from local swiss institutions, federal departments (telecom, intellectual property, etc.), international organizations and federations, court, banks, insurances as non-resident.

REGISTERED mail with acknowledgment of receipt allowed (including a scanned copy of the receipt).

Storage and archiving of originals in our office in Geneva, redirection on request.

– Unlimited number of pages to scan (no additional billing per number of scanned pages).

PREMIUM Scanned copies protected with‘ powerful encryption + strong password‘.

 PREMIUM Swiss remailing service, send up to 1 to 3 mails (depending of the plan) each month remotely from Switzerland : send by email the content to our secretary, she collects it in PDF or Windows, prints and posts with a Swiss stamp to anywhere in the world (available for the ’12 months’ plans only).

PREMIUM  Box number address mail drop, get a 2nd address as anonymous not showing your name, and linked to your account.

PREMIUM  Email address hosted in Switzerland (high level of data protection under swiss laws) (available for the ’12 months’ plans only).

‘Street address and mail scanning service’ Geneva, Switezrland
2 months plan
Up to 2 mails per month

38 CHF
(= 19 CHF/month)

Up to 3 mails per month

54 CHF
(= 27 CHF/month)

Up to 6 mails per month

78 CHF
(= 39 CHF/month)

Up to 12 mails per month

128 CHF
(= 64 CHF/month)

‘Street address and mail scanning service’ Geneva, Switezrland
12 months plan
Up to 24 mails per year

228 CHF
(= 19 CHF/month)

Up to 36 mails per year

324 CHF
(= 27 CHF/month)

Up to 72 mails per year

408 CHF
(= 34 CHF/month)

Up to 144 mails per year

708 CHF
(= 59 CHF/month)

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