Package reshipment services from Switzerland

Package reshipment, buy online in Switzerland then we reforward to any country

A good Swiss shopping experience with the MySwissMailAddress international package delivery service with tracking.

Do you need to purchase goods / items from an online or brick and mortar Swiss shop but they don’t deliver outside of Switzerland? Simply use our reship package services and we will forward it to you.

Do you want us to take care of reshipping your package? It is very easy:

  • order one of the ‘One time parcel reshipment handling flat rate’ below (varies by weight)
  • Upon receipt of your payment, we send you an address by email for the seller to send us your package.

There you go!

Our customers testify

I’m very happy to receive my item – a rare find on a local Swiss Marketplace – and being able to ship it to Sweden. Without MySwissMailAddress package re-shipment service, this wouldn’t have been possible, and it was a very smooth process to forward my item with their services. The additional assistance I was given during this process was also very helpful and response time was prompt. Thus, if you need something shipped from Switzerland that otherwise wouldn’t ship to your location, then this service is highly recommended.
I can say with assurance that I’m a very satisfied customer of your services!

Ms P. S., Sweden

Sounds great thank you again! When I receive my package I will immediately reorder. You run an amazing service over there.

Mr S. L., USA

Thank you! I’m very happy with your care package service with quick responses.

I want to use it again ?

Ms C. T., Japan

I am more than satisfied with your service! You were really professional and prompt and ready to help me to solve the problem with package delivery of my purchases.

I would definitely recommend your service to anybody. Once more thank you very much.

Mr R. S., Slovenia

Great service and communication. Very quick shipping. I haven’t used any other forwarding service, since I don’t feel the need to change.

Mr L. Y., United Kingdom

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How it works?

    1. You order one of the plans below adapted to the total weight (including packaging) of your package. The weight has not to exceed 10 kg (22 lbs) per unit.
    2. Upon payment reception, we come back to you soon to request some details by email about the shop seller, content, value and the country reshipment to redirect to you.
    3. After a quick check (if there is any potential customs goods restrictions), we confirm our handling of your package and then you have to pay the postal or transport cost fees (Post or URGENT) and eventually any additional services. Please note that we only charge based on the true cost of the Post or URGENT.
    4. Upon payment reception, we inform you about the address to send the package to us.
    5. Upon the deposit of the package (Post, URGENT) with customs declaration based with shop seller invoice, we send you by email copy of the waybill with the package tracking number and receipt of proof of dispatch.

What about the additional services?
The cost of these services are not included with our plans and are paid as extra charge:

  • Sending a package with URGENT providers (UPS, DHL, FEDEX or FEDEX EXPRESS SWISSPOST): 0 CHF if you already have an account at their home and you send by email the printed voucher to us.
  • Send a picture of the content: 8 CHF
  • Return of the package (address details error, nobody present during delivery): 10 CHF + all full reship fees.
  • Parcel storage: free during the first 15 days, then  5 CHF per 30 days per box.
  • Repacking (available only for small size package): depending the size of the merchandise.
Not permitted goods according to international postal and air standards (not exhaustive)

Also include products such as perfume, mobile phone batteries and alcohol (check below) among others:

– Fireworks
– Bengal lights
– Ammunition
– Gunpowder
– Luminaries
– Emergency signals

– Lighter fuel
– Oxygen cylinders
– Camping gas
– Butane
– Spray cans
– Fire

– Oil and oil paints
– Adhesives
– Perfumes containing alcohol

– Drinks containing alcohol (more than 24 % alc./vol.)

– Matches
– Coal
– Charcoal
– Fuel paste

– Oxygen-producing chemicals
– Peroxides (hair dyes)
– Bleaching agents

– Pesticides
– Agricultural chemicals
– Mercury
– Bacteria, viruses

– Radioactive substances

– Wet-cell batteries
– Mercury
– Hydrochloric acid

– Engines
– Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)
– Lithium batteries

SwisPost does not cover any theft or damage insurance for electronic devises (mobile phone, laptop, etc.).

2 examples of postal cost fee
Total weight parcel: 4,6 kg (10,14 lbs)

Size: not exceeding 60 x 60 x 100 cm

Type of shipment: PRIORITY (SwissPost liability up to 500 CHF included)

additional service(s): no

Reship to: Hong-Kong

  • one time package price handling fee: 29 CHF
  • postal transport cost fee (SwissPost): 88 CHF

Total: 117 CHF


Total weight parcel: 9,5 kg (20,94 lbs)

Size: not exceeding 60 x 60 x 100 cm

Type of shipment: PRIORITY (SwissPost liability up to 500 CHF included)

Additional service(s): no

Reship to: Spain

  • one time package price handling fee: 29 CHF
  • postal transport cost fee (SwissPost): 65 CHF

Total: 94 CHF

One time parcel reshipment handling flat rate

Customs declaration (CN22 & CN23) is extra charged 3 CHF but free for ‘up to 2 kg’, we sign it on your behalf.

1 parcel up to 2 kg / 4,4 lbs
25 CHF


1 parcel up to 5 kg / 11 lbs
25 CHF


1 parcel up to 10 kg / 22 lbs
25 CHF