REMAILING from Switzerland – 1 mail max. 100gr

REMAILING from Switzerland – 1 mail max. 100gr

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REMAILING from Switzerland – 1 mail max. 100gr weight – no Swiss address available for the recipient replying a mail

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Remailing from Switzerland

What is it?

The principle is to be able to send a postal mail from one’s country of residence (outside Switzerland, regardless of the country) but the mail will finally be franked with a Swiss stamp and forwarded from a post office in Switzerland to any location around the world. which country (included in Switzerland) with the additional possibility of having its own sender address in Switzerland.

2 examples :

  • You (the sender) live in the USA and the recipient of the mail in Great Britain, you want the letter to transit through Switzerland and be re-sent with a Swiss stamp (and no longer with an american stamp), or even with an address from the shipper who is in Switzerland (+REMAILING+).
  • You (the sender) far from the Swiss border and the recipient of the mail in Switzerland, you want it to be forwarded with a Swiss stamp or even with the possibility of having an address of the sender who is established in Switzerland (+REMAILING+).

This service is not valid for parcels and the mails must not contain any goods to be declared to postal customs.

My Swiss Mail address adapts to the needs of its customers so that they can send from the minimum quantity of 1 letter at a time.


You want to mark a presence in Switzerland for your contacts or associate the image of Switzerland as an added value to your mail. For legal reasons, some federal institutions or authorities in Switzerland require you to prove a postal address in Switzerland for the duration of the contractual relationship.

For who ?

Individuals, Companies or Associations. Our customers who have already taken out a ‘2 months’ subscription which is still active and who need to send a letter in REMAILING can also use this service since it is not included (in this case, no need to order’ + REMAILING + ‘since an address in Switzerland is already available to them in the basic subscription).

How does it work?


  1. Receipt of your letter to remailed.
  2. Mail forwarding to any address in the world (ECONOMIC Swiss stamp).


  1. Provision of an address in Switzerland with your name or the one of your company to be mentioned in your mail.
  2. Reception of your letter to be remailed.
  3. REGISTERED (Swiss tracking Nr) mail forwarding to any address in the world.
  4. Reception of the reply mail.
  5. Get same day a copy of the reply mail either to your email address (secure scan service, recommended to avoid any loss) or mail redirection to your address (unopened envelope, ECONOMIC Swiss stamp).

You send us a scanned copy of your letter in PDF format by email, we print it and forward it with a Swiss stamp. You can also send us your letter by post, we will redirect it in a new neutral envelope with a Swiss stamp.

IMPORTANT : if you expect that your interlocutor will answer you back by post, we will also provide you with an address in Switzerland while your interlocutor can answer you by mail and we take care it for you (secure scan service , we send a copy to your email). In this case you must order the option ‘+ REMAILING + which includes both the sending of 1 mail with a Swiss stamp + the receipt and processing of 1 reply mail. The time between both mails must not exceed 30 days maximum from the date of your order.

Is the remailing service already included in our subscriptions?

Yes, in our ’12 months’ subscriptions (36 REMAILING already included) ‘Swiss address with scan/digitization & mail forwarding‘ et ‘Swiss address & mail forwarding only‘, as well as on the 2 subscriptions of ‘Virtual branch or office services in Switzerland for companies from abroad‘.

You may note that in order to use the ‘ REMAILING ‘ and ‘ + REMAILING + ‘ services, you are under no obligation to pre-order another subscription on our site.


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