Swiss PO Box address mail 12 months secure scan 144 letters year

Swiss PO Box address mail 12 months secure scan 144 letters year

708,00CHF 708,00CHF

Swiss address with mail scanning and mail forwarding | Premium services. You want for sure more than a basic mail drop box.


Your secure scanned letters are stored inside our double locked Swiss cloud-based access platform


Secure mail scanning service

Swiss address with mail scanning and mail forwarding | Premium services

You want for sure more than a basic mail drop box.

Mail holding & handling : various Premium swiss address mail drop box, scan and redirection services. Both available address options, street address and Po box.

Security : PDF scanned/digitized copy sent to customer’s email protected with 256 bits encryption + password access. Confidentiality and privacy are the priority.

Privacy : box number address without your name appearing included in all plans as second address.

Remailing : do you want the recipient believes you’re based in Switzerland ? Remotely send a letter from your country to anywhere in the world with a SWISS stamp, send it to us by email and we will take care of it.

Original letters and documents storage : retention and archiving in our Geneva-based office.


Available for individuals and businesses

‘Your name’ or ‘Your company’ on the address

Mention the address on business cards, brochures, signs or other promotional material

Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt allowed (including receipt scanned/digitized copy).

PREMIUM Scanned/digitized copy protected with full secure ‘encryption + password access. Storage and archiving of originals in our office in Geneva.

PREMIUM Remailing, send monthly up to 3 letters from Switzerland : our secretary collects by email your contents in PDF or Windows, prints and posts it with a swiss stamp.

PREMIUM Box number address mail drop, get a 2nd address details not showing your name, and linked to your account.

Receive mail from local swiss institutions, federal departments, international organizations and federations, banks, insurances as non-resident.

PREMIUM Email address hosted in Switzerland (high level of data protection under swiss laws) at disposal.

No automatic renewal, no automatic credit card debit.

One time handling fee extra charge (75 CHF)

No charge billed if 20% exceeding number of incoming mail plan (+2 free if 10, +4 free if 20)

Pay by bank wire SWIFT/SEPA, credit cards, Apple Pay, Bitcoin or PAYPAL

All stamp fees included.


FAQ – Frequented Asked Questions

I want the account to be in the name of ‘Mr and Ms’, is it possible ?

I just ordered. How long does it take for my account to be activated ?
We usually process within 2 hours after confirmation of receipt of payment, Monday to Sunday from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. You receive all instructions by email.

Am I notified when a new mail has arrived ?
Yes, same day by email.

What is not scanned ?
Advertisements, catalogs, presentation folders (except cover letter), books, everything that is not detached and bulky.

Do you scan letter/mail with both sides content ?

When do I receive the scanned copy by email ?
The same day as the mail reception.

Do you handle mail from DHL/FEDEX ?
Yes, however only with the “Street address Geneva” option (not with the “P.O Box Geneva” option).

Are all postal stamps expenses included in your tariffs or do I need to pay extra each month ?
All stamps expenses are already included if ‘economy’ shipment. However, customer has to pay an extra charge if letters have to be forwarded in ‘priority’.

Are the scanned copy sent by email enough secure and safe (if intercepeted by another people) ?
Yes, protected with AES 256 bits encryption + strong password access.

I lost the password. Who can help me quickly ?
Contact our customer service by email.

When do I receive my redirected forwarding letters ?
We forward / redirect 5 times per week, then count the usual postal service delays.

What about my mail retention and archivage after scanned copy of the original ?
They are hold in our office in Geneva. Customer can ask to redirect/forward or to destroy the originals.

I need you forward my mail or scanned copy to a different address or email ?
Contact our customer service by email.

I want to send a letter from my country with the mention of My Swiss Mail Address and a sticked swiss postage stamp ?
You send by email to our secretary the content’s letter, she prints ‘as received’ then drops it in a Geneva local post.

I do not want anymore receive back by post the mail original ?
You ask to our customer service to destroy it.

What type of businesses are not accepted ?
Illegal activities like scam, commercial or financial fraud, bank without licence, pills, drugs, etc.

How to stop ?
No additional minimum period is imposed. You do not renew. Be aware of the following :

– If no instructions from customer after plan ended, archived originals are destroyed within 7 calendar days.
– If new mail incoming after plan ended but no renewal, letters are returned to the sender with ‘unknown recipient’ mark.

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