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Reseller program

Provider Group Ltd (Switzerland) can bring an extra added value to your company relevant to premium Swiss mail forwarding, Swiss address and Swiss mail drop box services. For your demanding expats, local or offshore customers, you can use our current expertise through our organization.

We purpose 3 options to meet your needs :

Option ‘Classic’

Your company is a service provider, your customers are companies, businessmen, individuals or expatriates around the world who need reliable and confidential quality services. % of commission on every ordered plan and renewal, paid monthly or quarterly. You have to order in our website and pay on the behalf of your customers. Our company delivers with our usual details directly to your clients. A ‘Classic’ reseller has to introduce at least 3 new customers in the first six months of partnership to get paid its commission.

‘White-labelling’ options

Your company starts relationship with a first grouped purchase of at least 20 plans at a reduced price :

A) We send all cutomer’s contents (closed letters, scanned copy, etc.) only to you, then you dispatch directly to them, we never will have any direct contact with your customers.
B) We dispatch directly to your customers but never showing our brand, name, email, logo or website address of our company.
You are free to apply your policy of sale and tariffs. You are fully responsible in legal terms, no contrat will be signed between our company and your customers.

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