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Get now a Swiss address and premium mail forwarding

MySwissMailAddress is a Swiss-based reputable mail provider that allows you to have a Swiss address for receiving mail and then forward it to any address worldwide as mail forwarding services, also secure mail services with encrypted mail storage including mail forwarding request for individuals and businesses, and it is known for its privacy and security features.

We offer virtual mailbox services, which means you can receive your mail at our Swiss address and then same day forwarding your mail to your preferred address.

Mail forwarding premium service in Switzerland

Need only to reship a package from Switzerland?

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Instead of mail forwarding online service you prefer to receive a secure copy of your mail immediately rather than having to wait for the redirection time with mail forwarding?

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mail forwarding with us:

All stamp fees included in our prices (up to 100gr per mail).

– Available for individuals and businesses, all countries.

– Address with ‘your name’ or ‘your company’.

– Mention the address on business cards, brochures, signs or promotional material, email, etc.

– Receive mail from local swiss institutions, federal departments (telecom, intellectual property, etc.), international organizations and federations, court, banks, insurances as non-resident with our mail forwarding service.

REGISTERED mail allowed.

– Daily mail redirection (Monday to Friday) with our mail forwarding service.

 PREMIUM Remailing service, send up to 3 mails each month remotely from Switzerland : send by email the content to our secretary, she collects it in PDF or Windows, prints and posts with a Swiss stamp to anywhere in the world (available for the ’12 months’ plans only).

PREMIUM  Box number address mail drop, get a 2nd address as anonymous not showing your name, and linked to your account with our mail forwarding service.

PREMIUM  Email address hosted in Switzerland (high level of data protection under swiss laws) (available for the ’12 months’ plans only).

‘Street address’ Geneva and mail forwarding
2 months plan
Up to 3 mails per month
54 CHF
(= 27 CHF/month)

Up to 6 mails per month
78 CHF
(= 39 CHF/month)

Up to 12 mails per month

128 CHF
(= 64 CHF/month)

Up to 24 mails per month

256 CHF
(= 128 CHF/month)

‘Street address’ Geneva and mail forwarding
12 months plan
Up to 36 mails per year
324 CHF
(= 27 CHF/month)

Up to 72 mails per year
408 CHF
(= 34 CHF/month)

Up to 144 mails per year

768 CHF
(= 64 CHF/month)

Up to 288 mails per year

1536 CHF
(= 128 CHF/month)

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