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Virtual office or branch from Switzerland full services

Only for those who prioritize data protection and privacy…

Create a new registered company in Switzerland is expensive and in some cases not the most optimized solution. As a smart alternative you only need a full virtual establishment based in Geneva. You don’t need to first set up a local business company or rent an office in Switzerland to use our virtual branch or office solution.

Or maybe you have the project to get away from it all while driving your professional activities from wherever you want like (telecommuting) playing golf in front of a nice beach sight in Spain or enjoy a gorgeous sea sight view from a typical local house in a Greek island (pictures above).

If the assurance to benefit of the world’s strictest data protection laws is also a priority for you (videoconferencing, email, cloud), so take the step as our business customers have already done, thanks to Switzerland’s excellency reputation and the Swiss data privacy law enforcment.

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Our Swiss virtual office plan is a full all-in-one services activated in one click. The complete and cost-effective solution, which includes :

# Street address in Geneva on behalf of the name of your company. Mention the address on your business cards, website and email signature.

# The name of your company mentioned on the mailbox.

# Mail drop box services, up to 10 letters/month :

Secure scan service with strong encryption and password. All copies sent same day by email. Mail redirection on request (default option).


Mail redirection only to anywhere in the world. All stamp fees included (ECONOMIC).

# VOIP Phone Nr with the Geneva area code (+41 22), including  automatic call transfer to another Nr, answering machine, etc. (the cost of outgoing calls is not included).

# Videoconferencing hosted in Switzerland for multi users. Control who can access your meetings. Every online meeting can be protected with password (optional). No time limit, no limited number of users. Secure high encryption by default, possibility to generate your own encryption key, etc.

# 2 Email addresses hosted in Switzerland. Outlook, Thunderbird, Message, etc. or webmail access. Daily backup on several servers, no messages loss risk.

# 250Go secure data storage cloud hosted in Switzerland. Access your files wherever you are. Window, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android apps access. Synchronise, share, etc. Easily import your files from Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. Your files are never resold or analysed. Permanent double backups, no data loss risk.

# Remailing, send monthly up to 5 letters from Switzerland : our secretary (not a bot, a human) collects by email the content of your letter in PDF, prints and posts it with a Swiss stamp. Convenient for business correspondence with Swiss or from abroad customers and suppliers , or corresponding with authorities in Switzerland.

No automatic renewal, no automatic credit card debit

7/7 Customer service by email

FREE One time handling fee extra charge (75 CHF)

6 months
Swiss phone Nr included
12 months
Swiss phone Nr included
534 CHF
(= 89 CHF/month)
20 CHF phone call credit included
888 CHF
(= 74 CHF/month)
20 CHF phone call credit included

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