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Virtual office services in Switzerland

Your Switzerland start. Good reasons to use our virtual office in Switzerland. Depending of your budget, create a new registered company in Switzerland is expensive and in some cases not the most optimized solution to also be identified as a business in switzerland. As a smart alternative you only need a full virtual establishment based in Geneva. You don’t need to first set up a local business company or rent an office in Switzerland to use our virtual branch or office solution.

Or maybe you have the project to get away from it all while driving your professional activities from wherever you want like (telecommuting) with our virtual office plan.

If you need an address in Switzerland for business purpose, you may want to consider using that service. A virtual office in Switzerland provides a physical address and other business services, such as mail handling, phone call redirection with a Swiss local Nr to your number or also remotely send mails with Swiss stamps (our remailing service), without the need for a physical office space.

If you don’t have a physical presence in Switzerland, one way to obtain an address in Switzerland is to use a virtual office in switzerland solution with MySwissMailAddress. A virtual office in switzerland service allows you to have a business address in Switzerland without having to costly rent a physical space.

With MySwissMailAddress do not require you to have a Swiss business registration number or a Swiss residence permit or UID Nr depending on the services you require.

If the assurance to benefit of the world’s strictest data protection laws is also a priority for you (videoconferencing, email, cloud), so take the step as our business customers have already done, thanks to Switzerland’s excellency reputation and the Swiss data privacy law enforcment.

Our virtual office in switzerland plan is a full all-in-one services activated in one click.

The complete and cost-effective solution, which includes:

– Virtual office in switzerland address in Geneva on behalf of the name of your company. Mention the address on your business cards, website and email signature.

– The name of your company mentioned on the mailbox.

– Mail drop box services, up to 6 mails/month based on secure scan service with strong encryption and password, access from our DIGITAL MAILBOX or mail redirection only to anywhere in the world. All stamp fees included (PRIORITY) up to 100gr.

– 1 max. 10kg package receipt and reshipment (Swiss Post forwarding cost to your country not included).

– Phone Nr with the local Geneva area code (+41 22), including  automatic call transfer to another Nr (the cost of outgoing calls is not included).

– 1 email address hosted in Switzerland. Outlook, Thunderbird, Message, etc.

– Remailing, send monthly up to 3 letters from Switzerland : our virtual office assistants collect by email the content of your letter in PDF, prints and posts it with a Swiss stamp. Convenient for business correspondence with Swiss or from abroad customers and suppliers , or corresponding with authorities in Switzerland.

– 7/7 customer service support.

6 months
Swiss phone Nr included
12 months
Swiss phone Nr included
474 CHF
(= 79 CHF/month)
20 CHF phone call credit included
708 CHF
(= 59 CHF/month)
20 CHF phone call credit included


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