Terms  english version (RGPD – Data privacy policy)

1. Customer must be at least 18 years old. Provider Group Ltd (Switzerland) may, without having to provide reasons, refuse or cancel a new order.
2. Commerce of illegal activities are not accepted (scam, commercial or financial fraud, bank without licence, pills, drugs, etc.).
3. In case of ‘hidden illegal activities’ during subscription period, services are definitly stopped without refund possibility.
4. Concerning the ‘Only a Swiss address’ subscriptions, there is no mail reception or redirection service available.
5. Only the usual standard sizes of envelopes are accepted. Voting material mail (Switzerland), any judicial acts and acts of prosecution (Switzerland) are not accepted or supported.
6. All mails redirection are sent to customer with ‘economy’ postage charge (fees already included in our tariffs). For ‘priority’ postage, customer has first to ask for a quotation to our customer service.
7. If no instructions from customer after plan ended, archived originals are destroyed within 7 calendar days.
8. If new mail incoming after subscription ended, it is returned to the sender with ‘unknown recipient’ mark.
9. The addresses remains at all times the property of Provider Group SARL (Switzerland). It is not permitted to use the ‘Street address’ as a registered office address, headquarter, tax residence address in Switzerland or to request a residence permit or any other kind of official documents from the authorities in Switzerland (prohibited according to the Swiss law in force).
10. Provider Group Ltd can never be responsible for any loss of incoming or (re)forwarding mail (lost by postal or parcel services).
11. Protection of privacy and data: Provider Group SARL (Switzerland) never resells or transmits to any third parties personal data (including IP address) from the customers.
12. For security reasons to protect the customer, Provider Group SARL (Switzerland) reserves the right to verify the customer’s identity by requesting a valid copy of passport or ID card to prevent identity theft during forwarding or scanned copy transmission of postal mail and parcel reshipment. Storage of the ID documents are not accessible electronically from outside. The customer has a the right to rectify his personal data.
13.Parcel reshipment services, limitation of liability:

  • Provider Group SARL cannot be held responsible in the event of non-receipt, damage, loss or theft of the parcel during transport until receipt thereof.
  • Provider Group SARL cannot be held responsible in the event of damage, loss or theft of the parcel during transport reshipment until its final destination.
  • The customer undertakes to inform himself and to have read the customs duties and taxes payable in the country(ies) of import/export of the goods inside the parcel. We mandatory declare the real value based in seller’s invoice to customs.  In the event a parcel is returned to us due to refusal or waiver of payment of customs duties and taxes payable, the customer accepts that Provider Group SARL keep the parcel on its premises for a maximum of 3 months, the customer will pay an extra charge fee for storage and any return costs. It will be proposed to the customer to come in Geneva to take possession of it. After the deadline (3 months), the parcel and the goods will be destroyed without any possible request for refund due. If the customer wants us to return the parcel to the seller (refund, repair, etc.), Provider Group SARL will charge the customer an additional flat rate of 20 CHF + postage.
  • Upon receipt of the parcel, Provider Group SARL open it to check that the content corresponds to the description provided by the customer.
  • Provider Group SARL may require the customer to pay an extra charge fee if, upon receipt, the weight of the parcel exceeds the maximum weight authorized by the One time parcel reshipment handling package price. Note that this will also affect the cost of parcel reshipping.
    14. Provider Group SARL (Switzerland) and the Customer agree that the contract is subject to Swiss law. They say they agree, in case of different in execution and / or interpretation of this Agreement, to exhaust all the possibilities for amicable solution between them, and failing amicable solution, submit the dispute to the ‘Tribunal de Commerce’ of Geneva, even if multiple defendants or guarantee call, emergency procedures or protective procedures.

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